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How to Consign with

If you have thermal printers or thermal printer-related items that you would like us to consider for consignment, please print and fill out the consignment agreement below.  You can send the form to us at or you can fax the form to 937-237-1595. Multiple items are welcome. Download a pdf of the consignment agreement

The Basics: There is no fee to list. Your consignment never expires. We offer a 90/10 split on all items sold. That means you get 90% and we get 10% of the final selling price. Items are placed for sale on and prices are reduced incrementally by 10% each month until they sell. You will receive a check when your items sell.

Guidelines: Before printing the consignment agreement please read through our guidelines that are listed on the agreement. If you do not agree to any of these guidelines, for any reason, we will be unable to take your consignment.

- You own, outright, the item(s) listed on this document for consignment with Overstock Printers, LLC.

- Once per month, the selling price of the item(s) that have not sold will be reduced by 10% until they reach a price of 10% of the original asking price (approx. 11 months from sell start date).  Once the item(s) are reduced to 10% of their original asking price and do not sell at that price, you may arrange to pick your items up, or Overstock Printers, LLC will dispose of the item(s) for you.

- This contract will not expire unless you have specifically arranged with us otherwise. Your items will remain for sale until they have sold or reached the 10% limit described above.

- It is your responsibility to update your contact information with Overstock Printers, LLC. If you fail to do so, and Overstock Printers, LLC cannot reach you after your item(s) have sold or after they have reached the 10% limit (described above), You forfeit your right to all profits and ownership of the item(s) you consigned.

- Overstock Printers, LLC has the right to photograph the item(s) being sold & retain the images for use in any materials desired.

- Overstock Printers, LLC has final authority over the last selling price of all items. Overstock Printers, LLC reserves the right to reject item(s) at our sole discretion.

- You will receive 90% & Overstock Printers, LLC will receive 10% of the final selling price of your item(s).

- Overstock Printers, LLC will pick up your items, at our discretion, within a 60 mile range of Dayton, OH, free of charge. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the shipment of your item(s) to Overstock Printers, LLC. Overstock Printers, LLC maintains the right to turn away any customer at our sole discretion.

- There may be a cleaning/repair fee taken out of the profit of your items if the items are excessively dirty/damaged.

- Overstock Printers, LLC will handle all advertising of your item(s) and will advertise in any such manner that we deem appropriate.

- By signing this agreement, you agree to the above terms and conditions.  

Overstock Printers, LLC Consignment Form 


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  By signing this form, I agree to all statements made in this agreement/consignment contract.
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